SkoBrowser FPS-games mIRC server browser

SkoBrowser is a game server browser, that is a tool which allows to find and display available servers of various online games. This tool is designed to be used from mIRC (IRC client) and is handling a lot of features and almost all popular FPS games

Here you can find latest beta of my SkoBrowser.
Though the "beta status", this script is 100% usable and no big bug known on my side.

Link : SkoBrowser Beta 12 (mIRC v6.35 & v7.1x) ; Full list of changes : SkoBrowser Beta 12 changes

Shots :



This is a must-have script for every FPS online players who are aswell IRC users because it is cumulating advantages of a powerful server browser & a smart monitoring system for IRC.

A powerful server browser :

A smart monitoring system :

Here is short list of features supported by SkoBrowser :

and many other nifty features...

Game list supported on latest beta :

Game supportedMasterServerProtocolPlayersRulesCommand line
America's Army 2Gametracker / GameSpyGameSpy v1Name / Team / Score / Ping / DeathRawOK
America's Army 3GameSpyGameSpy v2-RawOK
Armed AssaultGametracker / GameSpyGameSpy v2Name / Team / Score / Ping / DeathRawOK
BattleField 1942Gametracker / GameSpyGameSpy v1Name / Team / Score / Ping / DeathRawOK
BattleField 2Gametracker / GameSpyGameSpy v2Name / Team / Score / Ping / DeathRawOK
BattleField 2142Gametracker / GameSpyGameSpy v3Name / Team / Score / Ping / DeathRawOK
BattleField Bad Company 2GametrackerEA-TCP---
BattleField VietnamGametracker / GameSpyGameSpy v2Name / Team / Score / Ping / DeathRaw-
BattleField 3GametrackerEA-TCP---
BorderlandsGameSpyGameSpy v2-Partial translateOK
Call of DutyGametrackerQuake 3Name / Score / PingRawOK
Call of Duty 2GametrackerQuake 3Name / Score / PingRawOK
Call of Duty 4GametrackerQuake 3Name / Score / PingRawOK
Call of Duty : United OffensiveGametrackerQuake 3Name / Score / PingRaw-
Call of Duty : World at WarGametrackerQuake 3Name / Score / PingRaw-
Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3GametrackerSourceName / ScoreRaw-
CrysisGametracker / GameSpyGameSpy v3Name / Team / Score / DeathRawOK
Crysis warheadGametracker / GameSpyGameSpy v3Name / Team / Score / DeathRaw-
Crysis 2GametrackerGameSpy v3Name / PingRaw-
Counter StrikeGametracker / Steam 1Half-LifeName / ScoreRawOK
Counter Strike SourceGametracker / Steam 2SourceName / ScoreRawOK
Counter Strike ZeroGametracker / Steam 1SourceName / ScoreRawOK
Day of DefeatGametracker / Steam 1SourceName / ScoreRawOK
Day of Defeat SourceGametracker / Steam 2SourceName / ScoreRawOK
Doom 3GametrackerDoom 3Name / Score / PingRawOK
Enemy TerritoryGametrackerQuake 3Name / Score / PingRawOK
Enemy Territory : Quake WarsGametrackerDoom 3Name / Score / PingRawOK
F.E.A.R.Gametracker / GameSpyGameSpy v1Name / Score / PingRawOK
Garry's modGametracker / Steam 2SourceName / ScoreRawOK
HALOGametracker / GameSpyGameSpy v1Name / Score / PingRaw-
HALO Custom EditionGameSpyGameSpy v1Name / Score / PingRaw-
Half-Life : DeathMatchGametracker / Steam 1Half-LifeName / ScoreRawOK
Half-Life 2 : DeathMatchGametracker / Steam 2SourceName / ScoreRawOK
HomeFrontGametrackerSourceName / ScoreRawOK
InsurgencyGametracker / Steam 2SourceName / ScoreRawOK
Killing floorGametracker / Steam 2SourceName / ScoreRawOK
Left 4 DeadGametracker / Steam 2SourceName / ScoreRawOK
Left 4 Dead 2Gametracker / Steam 2SourceName / ScoreRawOK
Medal of Honor 2010GametrackerEA-TCP---
Medal of Honor : Allied AssaultGameSpyGameSpy v1Name / Score / Ping / DeathRawOK
Medal of Honor : BreakthroughGameSpyGameSpy v1Name / Score / Ping / DeathRawOK
Medal of Honor : SpearheadGameSpyGameSpy v1Name / Score / Ping / DeathRawOK
Natural SelectionGametracker / Steam 1SourceName / ScoreRawOK
Quake 3GametrackerQuake 3Name / Score / PingRawOK
Quake 4GametrackerDoom 3Name / Score / PingRawOK
Red OrchestraGametracker / GameSpyGameSpy v1Name / Team / Score / Ping / DeathRaw-
Soldier of Fortune 2GametrackerQuake 3Name / Score / PingRaw-
SWAT4Gametracker / GameSpyGameSpy v1Name / Score / PingRaw-
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : Shadow of ChernobylGameSpyGameSpy v3Name / Team / Score / DeathRaw-
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : Clear SkyGameSpyGameSpy v2Name / Team / Score / DeathRaw-
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : Call of PripyatGameSpyGameSpy v2Name / Team / Score / DeathRaw-
StarWars BattleFront 2Gametracker / GameSpyGameSpy v1Name / Team / Score / Ping / DeathRaw-
StarWars Jedi KnightGametracker / GameSpyQuake 3Name / Score / PingRaw-
Team Fortress 2Gametracker / Steam 2SourceName / ScoreRawOK
Urban TerrorGametrackerQuake 3Name / Score / PingRaw-
Unreal TournamentGametracker / GameSpyGameSpy v1Name / Team / Score / Ping / DeathRawOK
Unreal Tournament 2004Gametracker / GameSpyGameSpy v1Name / Team / Score / Ping / DeathRawOK
Unreal Tournament 3Gametracker / GameSpyGameSpy v3Name / Team / Score / Ping / DeathFull translateOK
Zombie PanicGametracker / Steam 2SourceName / ScoreRawOK

Only UT3 is fully defined in this beta but all other games data can be filled aswell. I require info from game owners.

Everything is coded in mIRC :

I need help !

To release my first version, I need your help for:

You can contact me by mail for bug report, host proposals, features suggestions, etc... : SkorpSSS

What to expect in first released version :

My script experience :

I am not exactly new to mIRC scripting as I started coding my first server query (FavUT) in ... 2003 !  Since then I coded : FavUT, SkQ4 (Quake 4), SkUT3 (UT3) (awarded with MSUC prize) and SkUTx (all UT series) with more or less popularity according to the online community health... but now that all games are supported so I hope to have a very big user community !


Can I get my game XYZ supported ?
It is very likely that your game can be very easily added to SkoBrowser, only by filling its info in the "gamelist.ini" and putting a 32x32 icon in Games directory.
In fact, it depends on the protocol used by the game. SkoBrowser is supporting 7 protocols which are used by almost every games ... except a few ones like BattleField Bad Company 2 :-(
Anyway, you are welcome to ask me !

Is it possible to port SkoBrowser to another IRC client ?
It should be possible, but not by me ! :-(
I only know MSL (mIRC script language) and am helpless in others script languages.
If you are skilled in other script language (and MSL), you are welcome to discuss with me for a port.

Why coding SkoBrowser in IRC ? Why not doing a stand-alone tool so that everyone can use it ?
As mentionned above, I only know MSL but that is not the only reason. This tool has been thought-over to be included in the IRC environnement.
At the moment, it is a lot more confortable for competitive online players who are constantly idling in IRC to get info on their favorite server via a PM from SkoBrowser or to open the GUI in mIRC than to use another tool one more time.
Moreover, as a past competitive player, I know that a lot of information on server are shared via mIRC and having an easy and powerfull catch-ip / paste info to channel is so handy...
I have in my mind for years to incorporate a powerful community and pickup system to replace current pickup bots which are a bit "simplistic". I have very interesting ideas and concepts but I require time to code and users to test.
Because all those features are requiring to have a lot of SkoBrowser users willing to help me on that task !
I rely on the incredibly good current server browser to get a lot of those users :-)

When the server list is long, SkoBrowser is a lot slower than other server browsers... Is it possible to speed-it a bit ?
I really wanted to code the whole tool in MSL (protocol querying and parsing, etc...).
Good points are that I totally control every aspect of the tool and can fix or upgrade any part (except the GUI part related to DCX) without relying on other tool dev or people... Moreover it is an instructive script for people interested in MSL (but I understand that users-only doesn't care on the last point)
Bad point is that MSL is an interpreted code and as a result the tool is a lot slower than other compiled server browser... The script is optimised to be the fatest possible but is still slow.
The biggest trick to speed up the whole list query is to set a very restrictive "country filter". A result list with less than 1000 items is confortably handable.

There are visual glitches when resizing the dialog... when clicking a checkbox quickly sometimes the result is unexpected... etc...
A few bugs are linked to DCX.dll, not to my script. As a result, I can't fix them but I ask nonstop DCX devs to fix those annoying bugs...
Unfortunatly the DCX dev is a bit inactive at the moment. Maybe with a horde of SkoBrowser fans, it could motivate them to pursue their good work ! :-)

Please share the good new !

Enjoy SkoBrowser